Assalamualaikum My Beloved Friends and Clients!

FInally! Mays have a website!

Allahamdulillah syukur! When admin is writing this post, the website is nearly done. Few more tweaks and the website will be published to the public!

Why a website? Few months back my one and only platform to showcase Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and other brands of handbags which is the instagram; got deleted! Oh My, i was so shocked and numbed. 

I can’t let my prospect clients know when will be my next trip and which products do i have to sell. Created a new IG account, to get where my previous account was will take YEARS!

So, asked around and found a suitable webdev and here it is!

Hopefully i can retain my clients and grow them larger with time. Aminnn! Doakan yang baik-baik untuk kak may! Love you alls.

Best Regards,


p/s: Next trip will be in July! PRE ORDER SOON!

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